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Wisely Pay Travel Notices FAQs

To help protect you against fraud, we’ve added travel notices for enhanced security. Your Wisely card will work in your home state and any bordering state upon activation. However, if you travel beyond your area, login to your myWisely™ app or, open card settings, and add a travel notice in order to avoid declines on your card.

Additional verification is required to use this feature internationally.

What is a travel notice?
A travel notice allows you to use your Wisely™ Pay card while traveling outside of your home state and bordering state(s).

How can I set a travel notice?
Login to the myWisely app or Select account settings / card settings/ travel notices. You may also call cardholder services at 1-866-313-6901.

What happens if I forget to set a travel notice?
Your card may be declined if you travel outside of your home state and bordering state(s).

How long will it take me to set a travel notice?
It takes only seconds to select a travel notice and help protect yourself against fraud.

What should I do if my card is declined when traveling?
Login to the myWisely™ app or to set up a travel notice. You may also call cardholder services at 1-866-313-6901.

How long does it take for a travel notice to take effect?
A travel notice becomes effective immediately upon saving changes.

How do travel notices help protect me from fraud?
It reduces the opportunity for out of state and international fraud, providing you more protection.

Is a fee charged if my card is declined?
There is not a fee if your card is declined when attempting a purchase.2

What do I do if I misplace or lose my card while traveling?
You can instantly lock your card on the myWisely™ app so it cannot be used. If you find your card, you can instantly unlock it and resume using it. If you cannot find your card, please contact cardholder services at 1-866-313-6901 and order a replacement card.

Why would I want to lock or unlock my card?
Your card cannot be used while it is locked, adding an additional level of security. You can lock or unlock your card by logging into the myWisely app or visiting